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Chances are, you have come across the term "skill games" in the world of online gaming. These are basically the games that require knowledge, strategic planning, and practice to win them. This is where it differentiates from chance games. In contrast, a game of chance is the one where participants rely solely on luck or a chance to Win Bitcoin. There is no involvement in strategies or learning.
Mine Sweeper
Pyramid Solitaire

Why is the identification of the game vital?

The primary reason behind stressing the importance of identifying a skill game is the legal factors. The world of online gaming and betting is, at best murky. There are numerous legal traps that one must avoid in order to be free from legal ramifications. For instance, India follows the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

As per this act, the construction of a gaming house is illegal. However, this doesn’t apply to games of skill. That is why horse racing, rummy, and other fantasy sports are legal. Though betting is involved, there are no legal consequences. However, when it comes to poker, things get unclear.

It is extremely vital to understand the legal standpoint of the country before engaging in the skill fun Bitcoin games. Keep in mind that you play games to relax yourself, not to worry, and stress over legal outcomes.

Some common skill games

There are numerous types of Bitcoin skill games Online. Here, we have compiled a list of the most common ones for you!


If you want a taste of nostalgia, then nothing can be better than trying out a game of Minesweeper. Popular since the 1960s, Minesweeper is one of the most widely played games on the internet. It is a single-player rectangular board game that contains “mines” that are hidden in the board randomly.

The player must click on a square. If it is a mine, then the game comes at a halt as it only offers a single life. However, sometimes, the user can also click on the "safe" square. Pressing on it reveals a number. This number indicates the actual mine number hidden somewhere in the eight squares in near proximity.

The main reason why Minesweeper is considered a game of skill is the enforcement of probability guesses. That requires explicit knowledge of the game. However, it is true that luck also plays a role in the winning of the game and Win Bitcoin.


Originated in China in the 19th century, Mahjong is a highly popular tile-based game. In this game of skill, the best strategy is to practice as much as possible to understand the small nuances. Moreover, learning the exact rules is also essential. It is vital to note that nowadays, there are numerous variations of the game available. As such, the rules might differ slightly.

In the original version, the set was composed of 144 tiles. These mainly depicted Chinese symbols and characters. It was a four-player game, with each of them obtaining 13 tiles. The game continues unless one of them forms four sets of melds and an eye (or a pair).

If you can predict or guess the move of other players, then you can increase the probability of you Win Bitcoin by winning the game exponentially.

Pyramid solitaire

If you have incredible patience or want to hone your patience skills, then playing pyramid solitaire might just do the trick. It is one of the several variations of solitaire. Here, the main objective is to remove all the cards, starting from the base to the top, thereby obliterating the pyramid.

The only rule here is that the addition of two cards must be 13 in order to remove it from the board. In a standard 52-card arrangement, the Kings have a value of 13, the Queens have 12, Jacks have 11, and Aces 1.

Once the two cards display a total of 13, then they can be placed in the heap of uncovered cards. Moreover, the king can be kept aside immediately as it has a value of 13. Here, the only way to win Bitcoin by winning the game is to match all the cards and get a zero.

These are some of the popular skill games that you can play online. However, if you are interested in other types, you will find that there are plenty available.

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