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Playbitcoingames.com - Best Bitcoin Gambling Site offers kids a very entertaining and interactive platform to win bitcoins. They can play any scratch games among the all mentioned below to win big prizes. It not only helps our kids stay busy but is also productive as scratch is based on programming and helpful to earn pocket money. Choose any of the games mentioned below. For your clarity, we have mentioned a short description of it.
Las Vegas Scratch
Paper Town Flip
Gold Digger
Crime Night
Pirate Scratch
Sailor Scratch

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very interesting and fun Online Scratch Card Game that can keep you busy all day long. This game at Bitcoin Gambling Sites is based on the Las Vegas environment. Here you have to scratch a card to win prizes.

Paper Town Flip

Paper town flip is just like the typical scratch card game but a little revamped. Here instead of scratch you must flip the paper tiles, which will show symbols on the other side. You get a chance to win by flipping the tiles.

Gold digger

Gold digger is another interesting online Scratch Card Game you can play on scratch at Bitcoin Gambling Sites. Here, you work as a miner and get a shovel to discover the underworld. As you dig deeper and deeper into the ground using your shovel, you get to collect coins, improve skills, and buy new modern tools.

Crime Night

If you are a mystery solver, then you will enjoy this game the most. In crime night, you get every detail of the murder and clues through which you have to solve a mystery and win prizes from Bitcoin Gambling Sites.

Pirate Scratch

It is a fun pirate-themed game; you will love it if you are a big fan of pirates. Here you first have to select your bet, then click on the slots you want to scratch, or you can also select the scratch-on button if you like to speed things up. If you match three symbols, you win.

Sailor Scratch

Sailor scratch is another game that we offer to our players. The game is based on sailor settings. Here you have to dive in the water to collect worthy pearls and win high prices at Bitcoin Gambling Sites.

Why is scratch better for kids to play?

Scratch is more of an education-based game that contains programming language. It is designed for kids to give them a fun educational platform to help them learn while playing. It contains interactive stories, simulations, art, games and many more program that lets out the creator in kids.

Some of the advantages of playing scratch at top Bitcoin Gambling Sites are as follows:

- Scratch brings out the creativity in children and lets them play with it like their skills of storytelling, animation, and games. Kids can also choose to collaborate their work on scratch with others and share them online with friends and families.
- It is not only for small kids but high school ages and adults can also run it from different backgrounds.
- It is a medium that helps kids to nourish 21st-century skills while using technology.
- Scratch is not limited to a country and language. It can be used in over 150 countries and supports around 40 languages. So it’s very easy to operate by teachers teaching ESL students.
- Scratch games can be shared across curricula, teachers, and students. They can share all their resources that they have created using scratch.
- The most important advantage of scratch is that it is totally free, so there is no limitation on people that can access it. Kids or teachers can use it for both personal and academics use.

Is scratch safe for children?

The short answer to the question is scratch safe for children is yes. The games ensure to keep all the information about the players private. This means it will not share details relating to your real name, address, phone number, etc., to anyone. Plus, the comment section of scratch is filtered. No one can use strong or harsh words to it ensures the environment to be kid-friendly.

Also, there is no direct or private messaging system on scratch which decreases the instances of bullying. However, if any person bullies another person in the game, the first person gets blocked or reported. So you can say that it is relatively safer than most of the games out there. So parents don’t have to take the tension of their kids being exploited in-game.


With so many advantages and safety, who would want to miss out on playing such cool games? So without any further delay, start playing now at top Bitcoin Gambling Sites and win some amazing prizes.

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