WAGERING COMPETITION 10th June - 25th June

From 10th June 00:00:00 - 25th June 23:59:59 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 3 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

Read more, play and compete yourself!


Sitting at your home and playing only the slots, roulettes, or poker is not an option. At first these games might sound interesting and you will definitely have your share of fun and enjoyment. But, as the days will progress, you will need something lighter but equally exhilarating. And that’s where the random number generator games come in. From the name itself you can understand that these games are like the RNGs we usually used to play as kids. But, now we all are grown ups, and hence, the rules of the RNGs have also changed a little. For instance, you will be given an option of 1 to 80 number balls to choose from. Once you choose the number and press on the “GO” button, the game will choose a certain number of balls randomly. If your chosen number matches the chosen number of the game, you will have your win. The amount that you will be winning will be dependent on the selected number and also on how many such pairs have matched. This is the standard rule of a RNG game. However, in the Best Bitcoin Casinos, the layouts have been changed such that you can experience the random number generators in unique ways. At Playbitcoingames - Best Bitcoin Casino, you will have several such RNGs, out of which 6 are the most popular ones. These games are in fact on the trending list and hence, you wouldn’t be disappointed by the time the games will get over.
Coin Flip Game
Prize Spinner
Money Slots
9 out of 10
Compound Boxes
Lucky Numbers
Space Invasion

Rock paper scissors

For playing the rock paper scissor, you will have three elements and their behaviors are:

- Paper beats rock, loses to scissors, and ties to paper.
- Scissors loses to rock, tied to scissors, and beats the paper.
- Rock beats the scissors, ties to rock, but gets beaten by paper.
- If you are getting a tie, your bet money will be redeposited in your account.
- If your option beats the other one, you will get the winning price at Best Bitcoin Casino.

Compound boxes

Four closed boxes will be displayed at once out of which three of them will have the winning values. You have to choose one and if your chosen box has win written in it, you will get a 1.1x bet multiplier. But, if the box is empty, you will lose all your wins so far. Every fifth level will be a bonus one with a multiplier of 1.5x.

9 out of 10

Here, you will have ten balls, out of which you need to choose one after placing the bet. In general, nine of the ten balls will give you the wins and if your chosen ball reveal the same, your win will be 1.1X the bet you have placed.

Coin flip game

From the name itself you can know that it’s the age-old tossing game. The visuals are very simply and rather than a live dealer, you will have a robot who will be tossing the coin. But first, you need to place the wager and make the selection. As a prediction needs to be made, make sure you are very careful about whether to go with heads or tails. The robot will then flip the coin and if the prediction is true, you will be paid by Best Bitcoin Casino.

Price spinner

In this game at Best Bitcoin Casino, you will have nothing to lose. Four multipliers will be present on the screen- $0.10, $1, $10, and $100. The spinner wheel will have values from 0.1 to 5 and once you will spin the wheel, you will get your win as per the number on the spin and the corresponding multiplier.


It is a lottery-like RNG where a lot list of number set will be displayed on the screen in a square box. 1 to 80 is the range of the displayed numbers. On the right hand side, you will have an entire list of multipliers. After placing the bet and selecting the number of rounds, you will be allowed to choose the numbers randomly. Once done, click on play. The software will choose twenty random numbers and if they match yours, you will be paid out based on how many match pairs are there.

To be very honest, RNGs are highly volatile and that’s what makes these games more entertaining. After you are logged in your account at Playbitcoingames, you will have access to all these wonderful and yet unique RNGs that you can play any time in Best Bitcoin Casino.

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