WAGERING COMPETITION 11th July - 18th July

From 11th July 00:00:00 - 18th July 23:59:59 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 3 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

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When it comes to casino games, every player has a lookout for jackpots. After all, it is these winning prices which have brought golden fortunes in many players’ lives. As the jackpot games are quite popular in the online casino industry, Playbitcoingames has included four different such names for you. Each of these games will be played on different rules, thereby ensuring a casino lover can have variations. Also, you won’t have to worry about the volatility of the four jackpots games as you will have enough change to win the prizes.
Crime Night
Space Invasion
Mine Sweeper

Crime Night

Crime Night is a scratch game. But unlike the other scratches found in the online Bitcoin casino USA, here, you can win a lot of prizes other than the progressive jackpot. The background view of the screen is amazing, with a perfect but rustic crime scene with the yellow tape hanging from the left extreme and a criminal mastermind peeking from the right side, with his shadow being casted on the wall behind him.

Your main motive is to turn the tiles and match four similar elements in a row, Knuckle blades, caps, handcuffs, pistol, and knives are the five main elements in this game which need to matched in a row. On a yellow chit is written a text that says "Crime Night Bonus" and from the name itself you can understand that this is the bonus symbol. If you manage to land four of this element in a single row, the jail break feature will start. And this will be your chance to win the progressive jackpot at Bitcoin Casino USA.

Space invasion

Space invasion is a five-reeled slot game at Bitcoin Casino USA where the screen describes a futuristic shuttle. The reels and other elements are arranged on the front windshield with a future metallic theme. Five pay lines are there where you can place the minimum bets. Each pay line is associated with a particular multiplier, starting from X5 to X50 which will give you a lot of wins in case the element position falls within the winning combination specific to a particular pay line.

The wild is represented by a red-colored glowing torch and once it appears on the screen, all the other symbols will be converted into the higher-paying ones. But, if you land five scatters on the screen, you will be given a direct entry to the jackpot round. You will have two different jackpots- the medi and the mega. Based on how you will play the Jackpot Gamble with Bitcoin Online, you will be awarded any of these jackpots in Bitcoin Casino USA.


The next game which will offer you several jackpot options in the winning is the Mahjong. Here, you will have a total of thirty six tiles, placed one above the other in different shapes, formed by rows and columns. The tiles placed at the top are open and can be matched in a pair. You will be allowed to match only the open tiles. If a tile is guarded by some others at the top, you won’t have access to the same unless you are removing those locking the concerned tile in the first place.

Now, as the game will progress, more and more points or scores will be recorded. As the wins, 60% of the scores will be given to the winners. The 1st prize includes 15% of the total game fund and will be divided into 2% of the top scores. Similarly, the 2nd prize will offer 25% of the fund as the reward to be divided equally amongst 3 to 10% of the top scores. The highest price is for 26% to 60% of the top scores and here, 35% of the fund will be rewarded.


Just like the minesweeper you used to play in your computers, the mine sweeper from Playbitcoingames involves clicking on a box to reveal either a number, from 1 to 3 or a mine. If you land a mine, you will lose the game and the bets you have placed. However, if you unlock all the blocks without landing yourself a mine, you will be able to enter the competitions to win the jackpot. If you win the competition, you will have 6% of the top score as your prize.

Jackpot games are quite fun but somewhat daunting. This is why you need to play all these games quite strategically. At Playbitcoingames, you will be able to play these games and enter the competitions to compete against other players and win the mega or progressive jackpot prizes at Bitcoin Casino USA.

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