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From 10th June 00:00:00 - 25th June 23:59:59 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 3 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

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Playbitcoingames is the true home of bitcoin slot games online, and we’ve got a multitude of options for you to pick from. Bitcoin slots work like regular online slots. You don’t need to learn a new interface or new skills to be able to play. Amongst our massive range of slot games, you’ll find these top bitcoin slots:
Money Slots
Space Invasion


This is the most basic Bitcoin Gambling game you can find in the entire casino world. It’s perfect for the amateurs who are new to either the casino environment or the slot games. On the screen, which is indeed a basic and simple one, you will find three reels with no actual demarcation between them. The symbols will be spun every time you will hit the “spin” button right below these reels.

It has a single pay line where you will be placing your bet. As the Bitcoin Gambling game is a basic but classic casino slot, the symbols also resemble the same. Each symbol set will have a particular multiplier associated with which, the maximum going up to 2400.

- Two berries on the pay line have a multiplier of X2.
- A set of two oranges will yield X3 multiplier.
- 3 oranges on the pay line will yield X5.
- X10 multiplier is offered on a set of two blueberries.
- X20 will be offered on 3 blueberries on the pay line.
- Two bells coming together will give you X50 multiplier.
- If you get a 3-bell set, you will be awarded with X100 multiplier.
- With single bar stack option on the three reels, you will have X240.
- Double-stacked bar symbol on three reels will result in X400.
- Triple-stacked bar symbol will offer you X800 on three reels.
- With tripe 7 symbols, you will have the highest multiplier of X2400.

Money slots

The next slot game you can play at Playbitcoingames is the Money Slots. If you have mastered the Bitcoin Gambling slots, you can definitely try your take on it. It has a three reel structure with three rows, thereby making an arrangement of 3X3 display. 9 pay lines are there in the game, where the minimum bet will be the line number multiplied buy the coin value.

The standard symbols of this game are the pig-shaped piggy bank with notes popping out of the opening, single dollar and double dollar signs painted in green colors, a stack of gold bars, and several others. The scatter symbol is a treasure chest and your main aim will be to get three chests on the screen in single spin. Once done, you will be asked to open two of the three chests to get the wins. If you land the wild symbol on the screen, all other symbols will be replaced except that of the scatter, if any. The maximum multiplier in this game is 5x.

Space invasions

Even though the slot is considered to be a basic Bitcoin Gambling game, you can definitely enjoy the futuristic theme as viewed from a space shuttle’s interiors. The shuttle’s windshield is designed as the screen on which you will have five reels and three rows, with a 5X3 game structure. On both sides, you will have five pay lines, each offering a multiplier, starting from x5 to x50.

You will have jackpots in this Bitcoin Gambling game- the medi cand mega jackpot which will let you win quite a wonderful fortune. As for the symbols, you will get different planetary and cosmic elements like the UFOs, earth, rockets, ringed planet, and others. A torchlight will act as the wild symbol and it will have a red glowing aura along the outside. Even though the game might sound difficult at first, with a proper game strategy, you can win the jackpots easily.

Playbitcoingames is offering you some of the most lucrative options to win jackpots and earn several multipliers on small bets. Play the slot games online with bitcoin and stack your pocket with some amazing wins.

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