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About - Bitcoin Casino US

Play Bitcoin Games - our mission

A crowdfunding company MyTrafficValue first came up with PlayBitcoinGames.com - Best Bitcoin Casino US to provide players a platform to play online casino games with no complications and no hassles. We are dedicated to providing you the best user experience through the zero registration fees and big cashouts. In fact, our site is built in such a way that it takes only 2 minutes to register, and then you can play, win and collect prizes with zero complications.

We ensure to make your every bitcoin casino game experience worthwhile, so you get encouraged to introduce us to your friends and family too. We also take our customer feedback seriously so that no user is left unaided. Moreover, we see that you do not miss any opportunity to safely and responsibly get your hands on your hard-earned digital currency. We also run various research programs to anticipate the demands and delights of players to offer them the required virtual money game. Our company's main motto is to make this site the best, most accessible, and rewarding platform, so when you get hooked, you would not want to turn back.

We ensure fair gaming

Even though many players desire to play online bitcoin casino games, they do not register as they fear being cheated. They think that the site purposely creates fake results and skews the winning chances in favor of Bitcoin casino US. It is true for most of the sites but not for us. In fact, we want to set an example that every Bitcoin casino US can run with integrity by not hindering players' decisions and showing them correct results every time. We are fully committed to our players and promise to be vigilant.

Also, we strive to serve our society with fraudulent free service and plays that are proven and non-rigged. We aim to do this by displaying all pre-generated plays under every gameplay run by our md5 hashing practice. It helps to standardize the game and bring confidence in our players that they can trust us. Every player connected with us knows that we offer total transparency of the game and provide unbeatable fairness. However, we understand that you might not trust our words straightaway, so play any of our games and see it yourself.

We have made it simple for you

As you know, we strive to make this site a user-friendly platform for you. Thus, we make sure it is easy for you to operate, the information loads quickly, the games run smoothly, and the overall experience is always top-notch. Unlike other sites here, you don't have to waste time waiting for your deposits to get accepted. You also don't have to go through unnecessary delays and complications while you are winning at bitcoin casino US. We know how these can turn down a player's spirit.

So we make sure that there is no waiting time; you can play, deposit and cash out instantly. Plus, there are also no registration complications. We make cashout very easy for you, encouraging you to play again with us. It is our forte to provide instant cashout to our players in as quickly as 5 minutes, and we also make sure that if you put any feedback for us, it does not get overlooked. We take your appreciation and complaints very seriously and do everything possible to resort to your issue as quickly as possible.

You can also earn by referring us to your friends

Here you not only get the chance to earn by playing in our bitcoin casino US, but you also get to earn through referring your friends. In fact, many players love to refer us to their friends and relatives not only because of the cashout but because they get so inspired by our service. However, if you are getting a benefit of commission on top of it, who would ignore it.

When you refer us to any of your friends, you get the opportunity to earn a percentage of commission on their wages. This commission is then added to your account on an hourly basis which you can collect anytime you want. There are different percentage breakups of our commission rate depending on the game your friend plays. You can check it by going through our paytable. So when you help us by connecting us to people, we reward you in return.

Overall speaking, we make it our sole duty to ensure your stay, give you a fun medium, and wish you all the luck for winning more cash every day at best bitcoin casino US.

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