Pyramid Solitaire

If you have incredible patience or want to hone your patience skills, then playing pyramid solitaire might just do the trick. It is one of the several variations of solitaire. Here, the main objective is to remove all the cards, starting from the base to the top, thereby obliterating the pyramid. The only rule here is that the addition of two cards must be 13 in order to remove it from the board. In a standard 52-card arrangement, the Kings have a value of 13, the Queens have 12, Jacks have 11, and Aces 1. Once the two cards display a total of 13, then they can be placed in the heap of uncovered cards. Moreover, the king can be kept aside immediately as it has a value of 13. Here, the only way to win Bitcoin by winning the game is to match all the cards and get a zero.

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