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This helpful guide will get anyone looking to play BTC games online ready to play and profit in a short amount of time. Check it out!

A brief introduction to BTC games online

Many people believe that playing is a waste of time since they see games as things that children do and that as adults we should behave «seriously».

But in reality, play for adults has the same fundamental value as it has for children: play at any age enhances problem-solving, creates relationships, triggers the creative process, and helps boost our productivity and happiness.

With the advent of technology, traditional games became integrated into it: many entertaining activities such as card games and casino games became virtual, the range of gaming experiences was multiplied, and even entire virtual worlds -also called metaverses- are being created right now, where you will be able one day to virtually play to earn or do other activities like going to concerts or traveling around the world or our solar system using digital avatars.

Casino games have benefited the most from the development of technology in the sense that it is no longer necessary to commute to the cities where the physical Casinos are located, but at any time, anywhere, you can try your luck and win.

Additionally, the use of cryptocurrencies like BTC, Litecoin, and others in crypto gaming sites and crypto-enabled casinos provides a favorable environment for secure transactions and helps gamblers to keep their anonymity and financial information secure through the use of crypto wallets and number identifications.

How do I know where is the best site to play BTC games online?

What you can do first is establish a few criteria to follow when looking around for bitcoin casino sites.


There are many sites where you can play, and it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one if you do not have a clear idea of what are your preferences or what suits you best.

  • First check that the Variety of Games and types of bets is interesting, you want that the games on your chosen site are diverse and entertaining.
  • Also, make sure the site operates with the Crypto Currencies that you have in your wallet. In case they don’t, this website comes handy to make some quick fund swaps: https://bartermyfunds.com/
  • One of the most important things to look for is that the welcome bonuses and promotions are attractive, those provide extra money to boost your initial bankroll and make better profits. Deposit bonuses, free spins, monthly promotions, special occasions, and loyalty rewards are some of the most common ways casinos use to sweeten your play.
  • An underlooked aspect is the site’s Transparency. Everybody loves to have a fair chance to win at the casino, and nowadays, technology created an MD5 hash algorithm, guaranteeing you complete transparency in every play you make. You can also verify every game’s House Edge, and your Profile should list your own Deposit, Plays, and Withdrawal Logs, which you can validate at your convenience.
  • Another aspect people look for is the Affiliate Programs, in case you know many people that are entertained by gambling or you’re good at promoting, this is another way you can earn big bucks.

Since you know now what to look for, allow us a few sites suggestion and check the section below:


As they say, knowledge is power, and knowing what others don’t, can pay big later in life. Here we want to present you four lesser-known BTC online casino sites that fit the previously defined choosing criteria and much more:

  • Play Bitcoin Games – It’s very simple to join our site, just add your email address to open your account, add your balance in Bitcoin or Litecoin and start playing. An MD5 algorithm proves the fairness of every game you play, and your Cashouts come within 5 minutes!
  • My Traffic Value – My Traffic Value is a crowdfunding site created in 2014 that features a popular Online Casino Games section. The site accepts deposits in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, and Payeer.
  • Paidverts – One of the oldest PTC – Pay To Click sites that are legit and still paying, Paidverts allows you to play online games with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money, and BAPs, which is an internal currency you receive for viewing ads and purchasing certain advertising packs.
  • PTCshare – Another legit and paying PTC site, it also lets you play games online and earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money, and through the BAP system.

I’ve found my site and I’m ready to play, now what?

Now that you have decided where to play Bitcoin Games Online, it’s time to open your account.


Here in Play Bitcoin Games is really easy as we mentioned earlier. Visit our login page and fill in your email address, choose your coin between BTC and LTC, solve the captcha and you’re all set.

As a recommendation, use Gmail as your login email, and whenever possible, consider having a separate email account for all your favorite game sites.

This does not only keep all your casino bonuses and promotions together in one place, but provides a layer of protection for your address book, contact information, and verification information for important accounts such as online banking or social media.


Do you have your crypto wallet handy? Now is the time to make your first deposit. Head over to your profile and send the coin to the deposit address.

Lower-budget players will be thrilled to find out that Play Bitcoin Games has no minimum deposit, and after 3 confirmations, your funds are ready to start placing your bets.

Additionally, your first deposit could get you a 50% extra bigger deposit bonus


The gaming casino sites we recommended earlier, have a wide variety to satisfy every gambling style and preferred type of games: table and card gamesslots, random numbersjackpotscratch, and skill games, we are sure that one of them will become your favorite after you try us.

Keep in mind that playing regularly has its benefits. As an example: past November PlayBitcoinGames held a Black Friday/Cyber Monday wagering competition with a 5mBTC prize pool. Imagine that you could be one of the winners of our next tournament!


In the withdrawal section, first, you have to indicate the receiving Litecoin or BTC wallet where you want your funds sent. The minimum cashout is 0.20 mBTC and the maximum is 2,000 mBTC.

In Conclusion

Now you have a more in-depth idea of the current state of the online gaming industry, discovered four cool sites where to play BTC games online, learned to open your account, about the most popular BTC games, and how to cash out your earnings.

We hope you stay tuned for more reading and more play. Please share with us in the comments section how was your experience, we’ll love to receive your feedback!

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