Online casino jargon words: most common terms explained

New arrivals to the casino world occasionally find specific slang or casino jargon words that are unknown to them, and this can be a little bit overwhelming.

Casinos have their own language and our intention is to help you familiarize yourself with the most common phrases and casino lexicon words used in the industry, and shed light on the different betting types’ meanings, the obscure slang terms, gaming definitions, and the online chat abbreviations used in the gambling world.

Commonly Used Online Casino Jargon Words


This is the decisive moment when you destine the total of your remaining chips in a bet that you expect will have high odds of making you a winner.


This is the number of funds that show on your account. It’s the money or coin you have available to play or withdraw.


This is the amount of money or crypto that you have destined to spend playing at the casino over a defined period of time (which could be by day, week, or month depending on your budget). Bankroll management is called the way you organize your spending to last you that period. Professional gamblers consider the bankroll as their working capital money.


Every time you want to participate in a game, it is required that you stake or spend an amount of money to participate. This is called a bet or wager. You should be aware that most online casino games have set minimum or maximum betting limits.


In Poker, a Blind Bet is a mandatory bet that players seated in a poker table-specific position -the player left of the dealer- have to make before seeing their cards. Consider it a compulsory fee or the cost of participating in the poker game. The first player left of the dealer’s bet is called Small Blind, and the second player’s bet is called Big Blind and is double the amount of the Small Blind.


This is the situation where a player represents having a strong hand when it is actually weak and offers no chance of winning. The intention is to identify if there are players with strong hands by making players with weak hands fold.


These are special kinds of offers that online casinos use to reward or entice new and existing players in different situations.
Bonuses are offered to inspire new players to sign-up and activate the casino referral bounties, or to encourage player loyalty. Bonuses come in a wide variety of presentations and each type comes with its own specific terms and conditions attached.


Poker games have an entry fee, called buy-in that gives you the right to take a seat at the poker table to play.


This is a special type of bet that allows the chance of duplicating your last bet’s winnings or losing everything you won. Generally, you can find these types of bets in Slot games.


An abbreviation that is used in Casino chat to refer to the phrase “For the Win”.


The abbreviation that means “Good Game”


This abbreviation means “Good Luck All”


The cards a player holds, trying to make the best combination of cards is called a Hand. Also, the play that happens between each shuffle of the cards receives that name.


This is what the player with a large bankroll is called. They usually play the highest stakes, putting the risk of their funds to win bigger rewards.


Have you heard the phrase «The House always wins»? The House is the denomination by which the Casino business is known.


As we explained earlier, the House is the Casino, and the «Edge» refers to the mathematical advantage programmed into every casino table game or slot that allows the casino business to generate its revenue.
You may be interested to know that our casinos have a very low House Edge and that every bet’s fairness and transparency are provable by an MD5 algorithm.


This term is most commonly used in Slot Games to refer to the largest prize available. There are two types of Jackpots, fixed and progressive, meaning that the Jackpot prize amount grows until there is a winner when it resets.


A playing strategy using negative progression to recover from a losing streak in Roulette or Coin Flip games where the player should increase their bet after each loss by doubling the last bet and adding one unit. This betting strategy was created by the mathematician Paul Pierre Levy and became popular in brick-and-mortar casinos in France, in the 18th century.


Getting a No Deposit Bonus means it doesn’t require an initial cash deposit from the player to be able to play. Our Casino occasionally offers Free Spins in email campaigns to encourage players to become a member.


The odds are the ratio of probabilities of the Casino, or the player’s bet to becoming a winner and getting a profit.


With technology, physical casinos evolved and adapted to the online environment. We operate Web-based Casinos, but it is also possible to encounter casinos where you have to download and install software to your computer before being able to play.


The amount of money or cryptocurrency received by the player from a win


Under this name, you will find a variety of table card games where there is a round of betting and the winners are determined by a hierarchy of card combinations.
Wikipedia lists three main poker variants and multiple common rule variations. In our Casino, you will find that Multistrike Poker is a fun and quick way to show your poker skills and beat your opponents


This is the way Casinos make an incentive offer to new players. The welcome bonus rewards usually come as a percentage of your initial deposit converted into a cash bonus or free spins where you don’t have to pay the bet to participate and win.


This is an algorithm or set of mathematical instructions to generate a truly random, cryptographically safe number or sequence of numbers to guarantee a fair and transparent outcome in all of our Casino games.


When you transfer BTC or Litecoin funds from your account to your wallet, that process is called withdrawal or cash out. Withdrawals go from 0.20 mBTC minimum to a maximum of 2,000 mBTC, and 99% of our cashouts are delivered within 5 minutes. Sometimes, bigger wins (compared to your deposits) withdrawals need to be quickly approved by an admin before being added to the cashout queue 

We hope that our list of the most commonly used online casino-related terms was helpful to you.

If you find another casino jargon word that you don’t understand, please let us know in the comments. We’ll gladly explain it and add it to our list!

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