Slots - Rules

What is Slots?

Slot is the basic cherry-type 3 reel slot machine with a chance of a jackpot.

In-game Slots screenshots

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Slots game rules

We believe that in order for players to enjoy a fair and fun gaming environment on a global scale, specific rules need to be followed. For the Slots, some rules are to be followed, and those are :

  1. You can place a bet by clicking on them and choosing an amount from a variety of coins. The larger the coin, the better your chance to win in the long run. However, keep in mind that you will lose that amount if you fail to win.
    Three times 7×2400
    Three times BAR×800
    Two times BAR from Left Hand Side×400
    Three times BAR written from three sides×240
    Three times BELL×100
    Two times BELL from Left Hand Side×50
    Three BLUEBERRIES×20
    Two BLUEBERRIES from Left Hand Side×10
    Three ORANGES×5
    Two ORANGES from Left Hand Side×3
    Two Cherries from Left Hand Side×2
  2. After placing the betting amount, click on the button "spin the slot" to start the game.
  3. One needs to know that the prize will be awarded to the gamblers only when the alignment is done on the left-hand side.

The slots are a type of bitcoin casino game that is based on luck. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know in advance which symbols will land on the reels or what will be the winning combinations. It’s fun entertainment for those who love gambling and also those people who take risks to earn some Bitcoins.

Slots Tips & facts

The house edge of the game is around 2.5%. This gives the gamblers to think a bit before making a bet.

Slots Payment Modes

Being completely independent from any of the traditional payment systems, Bitcoin allows gamblers to gamble with more freedom than ever. With no charges or hidden fees, and all money transactions being made through accounts, gamblers can be their own bank manager. All it takes is a simple set-up on the gambler's side, and they are good to go.

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