Gold Digger - Rules

What is Gold Digger?

Gold digger is a fun scratch card game, put into a mine atmosphere. Scratch, scratch, scratch and maybe you will find gold while playing it!

In-game Gold Digger screenshots

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Gold Digger game rules

Gold Digger is one of the most straightforward and most simple games. The rules and regulations should be followed by every player who is opting to play this game. Let's look at the rules of it:

  1. Select the amount you want to invest in your bet. You can enter the amount according to your choice and regarding the size of the table. Bitcoin casinos also offer Bitcoin to be kept in a bet.
  2. Scratch the slots that you have chosen. Keep in mind, the more amount you put in a bet, the more exciting reward you will get. The odds of winning the game are also even, and it is mainly based on luck.
  3. Work your way by matching 3 of the same symbols along the way. Win big prizes on bonus levels! The rewards and bonuses offered hold much more significant value than the bet prize.

The Bitcoin casinos like playbitcoingames offering Gold Digger games expect that the gamblers or the players will play fairly by following all the rules and regulations to have an equal chance of winning.

Gold Digger Some Quick Tips

The Scratch card games can be termed as a luck-based game, but some strategies and tips can be handy while playing these Bitcoin games. Let's look at some of the tips:

  1. A player’s house edge in this game is slightly higher than 3%. This means that, on average, you should expect to get back 97% of your money.
  2. Make sure to keep the sound on so as to have a better experience of how the game is played. It also helps to know about the strategies of other players too.

Gold Digger Payment Modes

Gold Digger, a card scratching game, is one of the most popular games among gamblers who would like to have more profit with less time. However, it depends on the luck of the gambler regarding the prices and bonuses. After the game, the winners will get the prize.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most used payment modes. These Bitcoin casinos like playbitcoingames accept Bitcoin while making a bet, and the gamblers can also receive it as a prize or bonus. However, a minimum transaction fee is taken for making a payment.

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