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Six Bitcoin Scratch Cards Lottery Games You Will Love to Play

Everyone loves earning instant wins in Scratch Cards Lottery Games. They are entertaining and rewarding, and very few of us know that they have been around in one form or another for decades.

Scratch Card Lottery Games

We have unique scratch-off themes for every taste, and it’s simple, easygoing fun without any stressful strategic approach!

All of our games are exclusive to our casinos; we bring you the best online scratchies that you won’t find anywhere else. Give them a try and instantly win from 2x up to a massive 2500x of your bet.

Las Vegas Scratch

Las Vegas Scratch brings back the ambiance of classic Las Vegas combined with cute, old-school slot machine iconography in an easy game with lots of charm.

Play Las Vegas Scratch

Paper Town Flip

In this game of simple design, with no frills or distractions, just flip the tiles, one by one or all together, and find out if your card makes you a winner.

Play Paper Town Flip

Gold Digger

Look back into the way of life of adventurous miners digging for gold in the depths of the earth, as you scratch away and reap the riches

Play Gold Digger

Crime Night

Murder novels readers and mystery stories lovers will find themselves at home in this crime investigation-themed scratch game. Turn on the sound for an amazing experience.

Play Crime Night

Pirates Scratch

Avast Ye! Set sail for a pirate adventure an’ discover the buried treasure chests to establish yer legacy as a gentleman o’ fortune. This scratch-off game be a ton o’ fun!

Play Pirates Scratch

Sailor Scratch

For all of you aspiring sea captains, here is a fun scratch game.  Scrape out from the deck seeking sets of three nautical-themed icons. Smooth sailing awaits ahead to the winners!

Play Sailor Scratch

Secure and fair play

All progressive games, slots, and scratch card lottery game results at Play Bitcoin Games are generated by RNGs (also known as Random Number Generators or Generators of Random Numbers).

This ensures that all outcomes are entirely random and that you play by rules that make sure the game is fair and secure.

How did the scratch cards lottery originate?

The first scratchcards go back to the 60’s, when American grocery stores started to give tickets to their customers with their purchases.

Those cards had a waxy covering hiding a possible cash prize underneath and that cover had to be scratched off to reveal it, hence the name of the game. The customers adored receiving those instant prizes even when they were frequently tiny, sometimes under a cent.

In 1974, John Koza and Dan Bower who were workers of the company that produced printed scratch-offs, developed computer-generated versions of the cards for the state lottery commissions, to be able to sell instant prize lottery cards as a gaming product along with the weekly lottery tickets.

Instant lottery tickets became a wild success in US and UK, with people making long lines to purchase them

The first US Patent for the scratch cards lottery ticket game was awarded in 1987 to a company called Astro-Med Inc., based in Long Island. The patent recognized the fact that these games were available long before the game was patented.

The 90’s led the globe to go online, and some of the early websites included online casinos, where users could play for the first time computerized versions of well-known casino games, such as slots, blackjack, poker, keno, and also simple versions of the popular scratchies.

Try the Scratch Cards Lottery Games

Hit the button below to try our six exclusive, no-frills scratch card lottery games that will surely ameliorate your scratching-off fever. Have fun playing!

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