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Provably Fair Casino, what does it mean?

When you hear Provably Fair Casinos, this means they are using a system where every game can be mathematically validated for fairness, and players no longer need to put their faith in the casino since this approach offsets the requirement for third-party auditing and verification tools.

A game that is provably fair allows you to determine whether the outcome was truly random or not.

Since its launch in late 2015, has offered its players a feature of gameplay verification to ensure that users can always verify and determine the fair outcome of their wager.

This system involves the use of an encrypted, multi-variable algorithm that ensures to casino users and casino owners that everything can be mathematically verified and that there is zero room for fraud when revealing the outcome of each spin.

How does the Provably Fair casino system work?

The wagers are encrypted using this technology so that neither the casino nor the player, get to know the outcome until after the round has been completed.

As a result, neither the player nor the casino can predict how each wager will turn out before it is played, thus providing the player and the casino the confidence that they are not the victim of fraud.

Three variables are incorporated into provably fair technology:

  • A seed hash, supplied by the online casino.
  • The client seed is a piece of data that the web browser generates for users of online casinos. 
  • A cryptography nonce. The value of this number is influenced by the wagers that each player makes.

For individuals without a background in cryptography, it can be difficult to understand how this process operates. We will make an effort to make it understandable to everyone.

To create a seed number, the online casino employs a random number generator. Prior to the players placing their wagers, this number is then scrambled via encryption and provided to them. By applying an MD5 hashing, the data strings are shortened or compressed during the process.

The client seed, on the other hand, is generated at random by the browser and integrates with the casino seed to deliver the wager outcome.

The crypto nonce has a starting value that differs between casinos, and it increases its number every time a bet is placed. To generate a truly random outcome, the provably fair model combines the user’s seeds, the casino’s seeds, and the nonce created in every play.

Game result hash play bitcoin games

Players can confirm that the game they are playing is fair by checking the unencrypted version together with the MD5 Hash of the seed provided.

In order to accomplish this, you simply need to paste the “Result decoded” into any MD5 hash generator, such as THIS ONE, and you should receive the “Result Hash” back.

Regardless of whether you prefer playing slots, roulette, blackjack, or other table games, you can relax knowing that you can always verify independently the result of any bet you make.

What other benefits do Provably Fair Casinos and games have?

The cryptographic online casinos that use the fair probability algorithm have numerous advantages:


The biggest advantage of playing at cryptocurrency casinos is probably this one. The players can receive information about their results thanks to the provable fair algorithm, which guarantees ongoing fairness in all of their plays.

Without using any third-party authentication

Regular audits of casinos are conducted by testing laboratories and other third parties. When using provably fair technology, there is no need for any kind of external verification. The highest level of transparency is provided by the fact that in crypto-casinos the actual players become the casinos’ auditors.


Blockchain is the technology that is used in cryptocurrency exchanges as well as in fair-chance gambling establishments and games. Furthermore, it adds transparency, making casinos accountable for their operations.

Casino Amenities

Many of the amenities that players are used to at regular online casinos, like all kinds of casino bonuses, promotions, free spins, VIP programs, wagering competitions, loyalty programs, etc., are broadly included in games that are provably fair.

Greater RTP (Return to Player)

The payout percentage is an important component of every game since it determines the likelihood of winning. Online games that are provably fair offer fantastic RTP compared to similar games in classic casinos.

Better Privacy

By just depositing your cryptocurrency of choice, you can participate in any of our games (Bitcoin, Litecoin). No private information or payment card numbers need to be disclosed to start playing.

Best Casinos With Provable Fair Games

What are the best online casinos that you can enjoy and also can prove to be fair? In making our choice, we only considered casinos that:

  • Deliver a first-rate gaming experience overall, including easy payouts, a user-friendly interface, and fairness that can be proven.

Our best picks are listed below:

Does this mean that in Provably Fair Casinos I can win every game?

No, you can’t win every game, you are forgetting about the house edge and the odds!

Knowing the house edge of each game is one of the secrets to winning consistently. Even if you play a game with poor odds, like Keno, you may still anticipate losing the majority of the time. You will have a lot more success if you pick a game like Coinflip, which has much better odds and a low house edge.

Bear in mind that the mathematics of casino games cannot be altered by provably fair gambling. Your chances of winning can’t be increased by it. It can only guarantee that you won’t be taken advantage of while playing.

In Conclusion

Our society has historically viewed the games of chance online with skepticism. This viewpoint, however, may indeed be challenged in the present era of blockchain technology and verification systems, as Provably Fair methods give a mathematical solution to the trust issue.

Users who become familiar with how an online casino works can use the abovementioned verification characteristics to determine that the game result being offered at our crypto casino is always legitimate.

Players can rest assured that it is easier to audit a cryptographic game as a Probably Fair game -because it is entirely based on software algorithms-, than auditing a mechanical game at a brick-and-mortar casino.

At we pride ourselves on offering our players a system that is demonstrably fair and guaranteeing that when you play one of our 100 percent unique games, the outcome won’t have been manipulated by us.

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