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What are the different kinds of casino bonuses?

Players who gamble at online casinos look forward to receiving all kinds of promotions and casino bonuses because they are a way to boost their bankroll without spending more money.

To take full advantage of these offerings, it is important to understand how casino bonuses operate. You might be wondering what exactly a bonus is, or what welcome bonuses are. We will tell you everything there is to know about them in this article.

Most common types of casino bonuses

The most common types of bonuses are extra real money added to the player’s balance and free spins for the slot machines. Those bonuses can only be accessed by registering at the online casino that is offering them.

There are terms and conditions that apply to all bonuses that should be considered. In order to convert them into actual, withdrawable money, you must first obtain them and then fulfill specific requirements.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are likely the most effective tool that websites have available for enticing new member conversions. Obviously, there are other casino-related factors that also have an impact on whether or not they attract new visitors to join a certain website. For instance, the variety of games, the security, the caliber of their platforms, play fairness, customer support, etc. However, welcome offers are definitely a necessity for any casino.

Simply opting in to get one of our bonuses during the deposit process will result in your welcome bonus appearing in your account right away, where it may be used to play our games as well as with any other funds you have invested or earned.

Deposit Bonuses

Here, in Play Bitcoin Games casino, you will receive the deposit bonus as a return on the first and subsequent deposits made on the site. To get this refund you will be required to make a minimum deposit on the site.

Return percentages go from 150% on the first deposit, down to 50% following next to the third deposit, according to this table:

1st Deposit Bonus +150% bonus with wagering requirements: 35x of the deposit + bonus amount
2nd Deposit Bonus +120% bonus with wagering requirements: 30x of the deposit + bonus amount
3rd Deposit Bonus +80% bonus with wagering requirements: 25x of the deposit + bonus amount
Next Deposit Bonus +50% bonus with wagering requirements: 20x of the deposit + bonus amount

It is important to note that to request a cashout when a deposit bonus is active, you must first meet the wagering requirements by placing bets on games. For further details on incentives and betting requirements, click here.

Free Spin codes

Free spins on slots are a no-deposit bonus tool used by an increasing number of online games of chance to draw players to both their platform and certain slots they want to highlight. All fans of slots are especially encouraged to use this kind of bonus.

Our members will likely receive 1-3x per month free spin codes in the email address they registered with. To avoid missing them, make sure you register with an email address that you check regularly.

Wagering Competitions

This is a type of promotion aimed at all those users who bet in higher amounts or who do so periodically. We usually hold 1-2x per month, so it is really easy for those who like competitions to participate and stand out among other players.

In this post, we explain in more detail why it is a good idea to participate in Play Bitcoin Games Wagering Competitions.

Referral Competitions

This is a not-so-frequent event aimed to reward the people who recommend our Casino to others.

Is using casino bonuses a good idea?

It should be noted that no online casino requires you to use a welcome bonus. It is entirely up to you whether or not to take advantage of this promotion. But from here, we advise that it is advantageous to go for it if you know how to utilize the bonuses to your advantage.

You must be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the promotions before turning any bonuses on, as you will need to fulfill a number of conditions before you can withdraw funds; we’ll go through these conditions later. And all that you must do is determined by these requirements.

Additional information on our bonuses

Bonuses add an additional extra amount of coin to your balance that you can play with and are dependent on your deposit amount as a percentage of it

Please be aware that when you choose to activate a deposit bonus, there are wagering requirements that you must meet for any active deposit bonuses you may have before you may request a cash-out.

This means that you won’t be able to request a cashout until the wagering criteria have been met.

You will be permitted to request cashouts once you have completed the wagering criteria completely.

Visit the cashout page to view your active bonuses and the number of wagering requirements you still have to satisfy.

How do betting requirements function for casino bonuses?

You must meet the precise wagering requirements for each bonus, which are multipliers applied to the total of your initial deposit and bonus, by placing bets on any of our games.

If you deposit $10 ($9.95 NET) and receive a 100% bonus with a 35x wagering requirement, for instance, your wagering requirements are ($9.95+$9.95)*35=$697.50.

The clearance of the wagering requirements may be impacted differently by betting on various games.

For instance, whereas a game of Keno or the majority of slot machines will use a 100% clearing (i.e., a $1 bet will clear $1 worth of wagering requirements) towards wagering requirements, some games may apply a lower percentage of bets made towards clearing the wagering requirements.

For instance, in a game of coin flip, only 25% of wagers will go toward clearing wagering requirements (thus a bet of $1 will only count toward clearing $0.25 of wagering requirements).


Casino players try to make the most of their gambling experience by taking advantage of the various casino bonuses offered to have longer play time and better chances of getting more big wins.

Now you know the types available, and the specific requirements information to take full advantage of the bonuses we offer.

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