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Online Wagering Competition what is it and why should I participate?

Casino Bonuses are essential rewards both for Casinos and players. While most bonus offers you will find are directed to new players in order to entice them to sign up and make a deposit, few offer rewards to those who already became members.

The Online Wagering Competition is one of the many ways Internet Casinos use to stand out among their competitors, rewarding their long-standing customers with more value for their money. It could be also said that it is a type of gamified loyalty program.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is an Online Wagering Competition?

  2. Requirements

  3. Participating Casino Games

  4. What is the Prize?

  5. Five Online Casinos with Wagering Competitions

  6. In Conclusion

What is an Online Wagering Competition?

A wager is an amount of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, that you put at stake on a bet, so basically, a Wagering Competition is a contest between the players to reward the one or ones who place a bigger amount of bets overall.


To participate, players should place their wagers on a game or group of games determined by us during a certain period of time.

Participating Casino Games

It can vary during special occasions, but here you have a list of the games that most of the time offer you a wagering reward during the competitions:

What is the Prize?

The payoff is a fixed percentage of the house winnings, during the period the competition is on, normally 10%, with a minimum prize of 5.00m฿ guaranteed.

That prize is shared with the winner or among the group of winners and is delivered in a cash form directly to the player’s balance.

Five Online Casinos with Wagering Competitions

In Conclusion

If you play regularly, you may want to plan your play schedules around those times so you can take full advantage of our offer, and if the total amount of your wagers is big enough, reap the Online Wagering Competition rewards.

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