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Roulette, the little red-black-colored wheel. A classic casino game where players can bet and anticipate the outcome of spinning the wheel and a ball expecting for the ball to fall over the right place. In this article we will be discussing the basic rules so you can play roulette online at Play Bitcoin Games.

Playing roulette is quite simple! Hence why it’s very common and popular on the casino industry. At Play Bitcoin Games, we offer the european style as it has only 37 available options (supporting only the 0 bet and not the 00 one).

Looks like a very small difference but players consider that it has a big difference in the long run since it implies that the house edge has more advantage.

Basic Rules To Play Roulette

The table consists of two parts: Inside Bets and Outside Bets.


These are all numbers individually in the table, from 0 to 36. You can place a chip in a single number or many.

Since these have the least odds, all inside bets are the best paying bets! If you place a single chip, you have a 35:1 win ratio if you’re lucky enough.

Inside Bets Payout Ratios

1 number, Straight Up35:1
2 numbers, Split17:1
3 numbers, 3 Line11:1
4 numbers, 4 Corners8:1
6 numbers, 6 Line5:1


Outside bets consist of a group or range of numbers you pick in a single bet. There are different combinations and you may bet on a single group or many.

These type of bets are the most used in Roulette. The payout is not as high as inside bets but if played well, it can add up to quite some cash.

Outside Bets Payout Ratios

12 numbers, Column2:1
12 numbers, Block2:1

After understanding the payout tables, all you gotta do is grab some chips and start betting using the combination that you find best! 


Why Roulette

It’s really a fair game. The wheel spins, the ball spins, so there’s no real strategy/way to improve your odds on winning at Roulette.

Minimum/Maximum Bets

At Play Bitcoin Games, the minimum is 0.04 mBTC and there’s no stated maximum bet for this game. 


We’ve focused on a simple way that you can put your Bitcoins and Litecoins into play! We wanted to make it easy so anyone can play Roulette online in simple steps and have lots of fun while doing it. 

The registration form requires an email only and after you get access to your account, you can send any amount of cryptocurrencies to the specified address. Note that we don’t support combined accounts. If you want to play using Bitcoin, you must register the account under the Bitcoin address

Otherwise, you may also choose to pay with Litecoin, which needs you to create a new account using the LTC box. (*Note: you may create a BTC account or an LTC account with the same email address).

If you have any question, make sure to visit our website and write us in the comment

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