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Is Online Casinos a Scam?

The fact that the advent of technology has made our lives a lot easier can’t be denied. Technology is heading its way into every field these days. Despite the comfort that it has bought into our lives, there are cases of scams everywhere. 

No wonder, technology has paved its way into the traditional casinos too. Casinos these days have also turned online! With everything having its pros and cons, let us have a look as to are online casinos safe? 

  • Should you consider gambling?

Gambling in itself can prove to be a risky process. It can become a source of income for some people, and can also drain the whole income of others.

A good gambler is said to be the one who can foresee the risks. The person who can make calculated moves and bet mindfully. A person who lacks these qualities will surely fall into the trap of online fraud.

Online Casinos

  •    How do online casinos work?

Online casinos provide a variety of games covering almost every domain. The games range from Roulette, Poker to Blackjack. The player can choose any game according to his wish. The games use the technology of random number generators. These generators are said to be reliable. Every time the generator is put to work, it generates a random output which makes the games fair to play.

7 Signs that the online casino you are going for is fake

  1. The credibility of online casinos very much depends on the technology operating that casino.
  1. It should be verified that the software used in the online casino is authentic.
  2. If you are noticing some unusual glitches while playing the game, it could be a warning.
  3. The player needs to be cautious of the fact that the random number generator is working properly.
  4. The online casino you are going for does not conduct regular software checks.
  5. Casino uses third-party software but has not uploaded any proof of certification.
  6. The online money casino is not encrypted with SSL Protocol.

Things to keep in mind while opting for online casino games

  • Anonymity

Ensure that your anonymity is maintained.

  • Bank Details

Online casinos, like the ones using cryptos as a mode of transaction, usually don’t demand any bank details. If the casino asks you to fill out your bank details, you might wanna think about it.

  • Fast Payouts

Make sure that the casino has fast payouts. Usually, delays in payments indicate scams.

  • Real Time Money

Normally, the official sites do not allow users to use real-time money for betting.

  • Advertisements

Online Casinos can also deceive you. They make you click on fake links on their website. These result in scams.

  • Feedback

Always look for player feedback on the sites, available online.

  • Contact Information

Prefer an online casino that has a contact section. This enables you to contact the managers of the casino directly in case of scams.

  • Money Deposit

Do not deposit a huge amount of money initially. Go for hefty amounts once you are sure of the website.

  • Are online Casinos Always bad?

Just like every coin has two faces, so do the online Casinos. Online casinos were modeled to provide ease to the users in gambling. 

4 Advantages of Online Casinos which are too good to ignore

  1. Casinos that use cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin Casino USA have faster payouts. The transactions are made within minutes, unlike the traditional casinos which usually take hours.
  2. Most online casinos maintain your anonymity. The websites use strict protocols for data encryption.
  3. Online casinos eliminate all sorts of limitations. Gamblers from any corner of the world can unite on the platform to bet.
  4. The authentic online casinos have their games maintained by reputed companies. This erases all possibilities of fraudulent activities.

Online casinos are not always fraud

There have been instances where people have benefitted from gambling by online casinos. These are usually the sites that are licensed and certified by well-known companies. These casinos provide an excellent user experience.

Online casino real money in India

Talking specifically about the Indian gamblers, there are a lot of options available. It should be noted that gambling is not legal everywhere in India. 

Many internationally recognized online casino sites do not have any acceptance method for Indian payment. This also increases the risk of scams for Indian players.

Online casino in Indian rupees:

Many new sites are being pushed into the market these days. They are developed to resolve the issue of sites not accepting Indian payment methods. These sites allow the user to make transactions via GPay, Paytm and are completely secure.


Online Casino have proved to be both a blessing and a boon for gamblers across the world. It is just a matter of the cautiousness of the user. If the user does not look for the verification on the website of online casino, scams are bound to happen. But with regular checks on the website, the online casino can be the most liked source of income by many.

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