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Wagering Competition

Wagering Competition 15th-21st November

From 2020-11-15 00:00:00 to 2020-11-21 23:59:59 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 5 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

Prize Pool: 10% from all house winnings during the competition (18.00m฿ minimum guaranteed!)

So far you have wagered 0.00m฿ during this competition.

Rank User ID Total Wagered Reward Pool Share (%) Min. Reward
#1 #42370 111.00m฿ 50% 9.00m฿
#2 #11726 83.00m฿ 25% 4.50m฿
#3 #6623 42.00m฿ 10% 1.80m฿
#4 #37792 30.00m฿ 8% 1.44m฿
#5 #38255 20.00m฿ 7% 1.26m฿

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Multistrike Poker
Coin Flip Game
Three Card Poker
3-5-7 Poker
Prize Spinner
Money Slots
9 out of 10
Compound Boxes
Las Vegas Scratch
Paper Town Flip
Gold Digger
Jacks or Better
Crime Night
Pirate Scratch
Sailor Scratch
Lucky Numbers
Space Invasion
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