Sailor Scratch - Rules

What is Sailor Scratch?

Sailor scratch is a fun sailor-themed scratch card game. Scratch the cards and try to win one of the big prizes! Dive into the waters and I'm sure you will find some worthy pearls!

In-game Sailor Scratch screenshots

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Sailor Scratch game rules

Compared with other gambling games, these bitcoin game rules are simple. However, the gambler needs to follow them appropriately. Some of the basic rules are:

  1. To start betting, you can click on any of the coins below and place a bet from there. The coin that you chose will be automatically placed in your betting box. Although, the bet should be made according to the purse value. When you are done placing the bet, start the game by scratching out the cards.
  2. Try scratching them all with the help of the option given there. After completing the scratching of the cards, then try to make a combination of the same characters in a set of 3.
  3. The winners of the game will be decided on the combinations. Prizes and rewards will be offered to the player on the basis of the bet amount.

Regulations help keep the game fair for everyone involved. The rules do not permit guests to touch games after a spin or pull unless authorised personnel have requested assistance. Bitcoin Casinos ensure the proper functioning of the rules so that the interest of the gambler is safe. It is also important for the casino to flourish properly.

Sailor Scratch Tips & facts

You already know what you want to bet on, but how do you know if the odds are in your favor? That’s where casinos like playbitcoingames come in. They make it easy to understand the odds and learn the ins and outs of betting on an event. The first thing is how much money you have, and the second thing is who is in charge of setting the odds. These two things make all the difference when it comes to winning bets.

  1. The house edge of the game is around 3%.
  2. For better information about the game, the gambler should turn on the voice. It would help the gambler.

Sailor Scratch Payment Modes

Payment methods at Bitcoin Casinos are highly secure and designed to be convenient and easy for customers. They offer payments in bitcoin and litecoin, offering the gamblers a secure, anonymous and fun way to play online games.

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