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From 5th August 00:00:00 - 12th August 23:59:59 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 3 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

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Multistrike Poker - Rules

What is Multistrike Poker?

Multistrike poker is a fun version of poker, where you can progress through levels of the game, to increase the payouts of winning hands.

In-game Multistrike Poker screenshots

Multistrike Poker in-game image on PlayBitcoinGames.com

Multistrike Poker game rules

The game is straightforward to play and features some of the simplest of rules and regulations. The Bitcoin casinos like playbitcoingames expect that the players will follow every rule and guideline properly.

  1. Select your table size and the number of hands you wish to play. Choose a bet per hand based on your comfort level with the table limits. You can also change your bets before entering the table.
  2. In each level, match cards to win coins, then use your coins to hold new cards. Set up elaborate chains for big points! The game's goal is to earn as many points as possible by creating poker hands from the cards.
  3. If you can get a pair of 10s in your hand, the chances are that you will be able to progress to the next level, where the payouts are more prominent. These Bitcoin games offer a huge profit to gamblers. With each higher level, the game will also get more challenging. Though it depends on luck still some helpful strategies can also be used.
  4. If a player gets a "Free Ride" card during the draw of their turn, they do not have to have a winning hand and can play to the next level. These free cards are rare, but on your day, everything can be in your favor.

Gamblers are expected to follow these simple rules for a fair chance of winning for everyone. The Bitcoin casinos like playbitcoingames are very harsh and strict regarding the rules.

Multistrike Poker Some Quick Tips

While going for Multistrike Poker, keep these basic things in mind to get a good profit.

  1. Make the most of every game. Play on all four hands. It gives you an advantage over others as it could lead you to a bigger jackpot!
  2. House edge decreases as the number of hands played increases, so practice and risk management are essential to keeping your edge low.

Multistrike Poker Payment Mode

The Bitcoin Games are named after Bitcoin because they accept it as a mode of payment. In recent times, Bitcoin has flourished so much that everyone wants to invest in it. The Multistrike Poker gives the gamblers an option of dealing in Bitcoins and Litecoins.

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