WAGERING COMPETITION 20th November - 1st December

From 20th November 00:00:00 - 1st December 00:00:00 some games are eligible for a wagering competition where top 3 wagerers will win big cash rewards!

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Compound Boxes - Rules

What is Compound Boxes?

Compound boxes game is very a simple, yet fun, game of chance where you go through levels, choosing to either collect your reward or proceed to the next level to multiply your winnings.

In-game Compound Boxes screenshots

Compound Boxes in-game image on PlayBitcoinGames.com

Compound Boxes game rules

Bitcoin casinos like playbitcoingames offer this game to some of the new gamblers because of its fewer rules and straightforward gameplay. Some of the basic rules are:

  1. Choose your bet according to your purse. However, if the luck is by your side, then you can get maximum profit if the bet prize is more. In the game, there will be a total of four boxes.
  2. The three boxes will be of winning lot and will give the gambler 1.1x of the bet that has been taken into the account. However, if the wrong box is chosen, then the whole amount will be taken by the dealer.
  3. After each round, the gambler will have the option to take all the rewards with him or can use the whole amount in the next round. If the gambler loses, then the entire amount will be gone.
  4. After every four rounds, there will be around, which is a bonus round. The gambler can play this round to get the reward of 1.5x of the bet.

The Bitcoin Casinos expect that the players will be playing the game fairly so that everyone has a chance of winning it. The rules and regulations are the most crucial part of the game that should be followed by every gambler.

Compound Boxes Tips & facts

Compound Boxes is considered as one of the easiest games of all time. The thing that matters the most is luck. However, if proper strategies and tips are followed, then it could lead to a big jackpot for the gamblers. The tip is:

  1. Try going up to the last round, and for the bonus round, the maximum amount should be in the bet because of the more rewarding value.
  2. While starting the game, don't put all the money at once. Try increasing it round by round.

Compound Boxes Payment Mode

Bitcoin and Litecoin are accepted in the bitcoin casino. It makes the withdrawal and betting easy for the gamblers. Bitcoins are also given by the casinos as bonuses and prizes won by the gambler while signing up or by maintaining a winning streak.

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