Rise of Cryptocurrency Online

Rise of Cryptocurrency Online

Digital currencies or Cryptocurrency are gradually catching the interest of multiple consumers and brands. Cryptocurrencies run on blockchain technology, and the transactions are secure and quick. With the growing dependency on advanced technology, consumers are using this currency type more frequently for online transactions. 

Statistically, the market value of cryptocurrency is predicted to reach approximately $1,758 million before 2027. Among the 5,500+ types of cryptocurrencies available, Bitcoin is the most popular option that traders invest in the crypto market. Brands in the online gaming industry also create Online Bitcoin Casino to attract high-budget players and increase business revenue. 

The overall increase in the usage rate of cryptocurrency online has many reasons and factors involved. In this article, you would learn about the basis points related to this growth. 

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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that leverages blockchain technology for transactions. Traders opt for cryptocurrency exchange due to its scalable features, transparency, and mobility. 

Not to mention, no governmental or third-party organization has autonomy over cryptocurrency. Thus, users can expect free usage and trade of their digital currencies without a monitoring board keeping watch over transactions. 

Traders can buy, sell, or exchange big amounts of cryptocurrency and invest large quantities of this currency in different business ventures. The crypto market is not very stable. However, following strategic investment ideas would allow you to double your finances with time. 

While the transaction data is visible online for all users through the blockchain, users can anonymously transfer cryptocurrencies as well. The encryption is secure and non-traceable, which multiple consumers prefer compared to highly-controlled traditional banking practices.

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There are particular factors related to cryptocurrency that prompts users to utilize digital currency for transactions. They are as follows. 

  • Irreversible– Cryptocurrency exchanges are not reversible. Once a trader makes the transfer, it completes fully and the trader cannot cancel it midway. In case users send the amount by mistake, they would likely not get a refund. Thus, cryptocurrency traders need to manage this step carefully. 
  • Free usage- Users interested to trade in cryptocurrencies do not have to get permission from any governmental or authority board. They can trade and exchange their cryptocurrency amount freely. 
  • Anonymous– As mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency transactions data is open for everyone to see as it appears on the online public ledger. However, it is not possible to trace the parties involved in the transaction due to the encrypted routes. Essentially, users can transfer funds anonymously and leave no paper or digital trail. 
  • Worldwide– Traders engaged in cryptocurrency exchange can make their transactions from any area of the world. The network is spread worldwide and users can transfer the digital money to any global crypto-trader. In fact, the transfer speed is quick as well. It only requires some minutes to mine and confirm a transaction. 
  • Secure– Each account holding the cryptocurrencies has a guarded system. Account-holders are the only ones with direct access to their stored funds. Thus, there is a lesser likelihood of digital currency theft. To note, the transaction routes are secure as well due to enhanced encryption.
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The recent advancements in technology and the growing interest of users in online payment and finances have increased the popularity of cryptocurrencies. 

To note, cryptocurrencies have been present for over a decade but grew in prominence with Bitcoin creation and usage. Statistically, the market capitalization quantity of Bitcoin in early 2020 was approximately $117.8 billion. Other cryptocurrency types also saw an increase in market capitalization. 

At the moment, consumers, brands, and governments are engaging in the cryptocurrency market. Many brands consider blockchain technology as a high-value quotient. Thus, they integrate cryptocurrencies for their digital transactions. 

For example, multiple brands are investing in Online Gambling Games. Due to the secure and flexible nature of cryptocurrency, companies are opting for cryptocurrency-based payments for quick, safe, and user-friendly transactions. 

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How this cryptocurrency useful in online gaming?

The online gaming industry in particular has adopted cryptocurrency usage for their consumers. Here, users can exchange these digital currencies via digital wallets. Options like Table Card Games Online allow payment in digital assets in multiple online casinos. These are safe to use and do not fall under the jurisdiction of traditional gambling laws in multiple regions. 

Yet, brands can expect high profits through online gambling platforms with the use of cryptocurrencies. In this context, it is important to mention that businesses utilize particular monetization strategies for their online platforms. These include in-app advertising, in-app purchases, and referral marketing. 

In terms of cryptocurrencies, this payment type integrates well with such strategies. Through referral marketing, users can earn cryptocurrency when they refer the game to other users. Under in-app advertising, users fill out surveys, watch videos, and complete particular tasks to gain cryptocurrencies. As for in-app purchases, online players can buy extra lives, coins, or custom items directly in the game using cryptocurrencies. 


Overall, cryptocurrencies are easy to utilize, flexible, scalable, and secure. Consumers can trade digital funds from anywhere and gain high returns after careful investments. There are multiple ways in which users can benefit from cryptocurrency usage, including brands for their business growth. Therefore, the rise in cryptocurrencies online is fair, and it may increase in value in future as well.

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